Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nightly Update: The Dodos drink Miller Chill? and Taking Back Sunday take back my heart.

Two things to discuss tonight.

First, I just heard that The Dodos have their song "Fools" featured in a new Miller Chill commercial. This is sort of weird. I met Meric last year and he doesn't really seem like the sort of dude who would want to be in a Miller Chill commercial. He was drinking whiskey and tall boys. It just doesn't seem very "alt," as my homies at Hipster Runoff would say. But then alt=mainstream these days I guess. I don't think they've lost their hipster cred, they still effing rock balls off.

Second, I heard earlier today the new Taking Back Sunday song, "Sink Into Me," and experienced the '00s equivalent to a '60s dad flashback. See, in the middle of my last 4-5 years of hipsterness, it was perceived to be "uncool" to listen to Taking Back Sunday because it was emo and generally not as hip as Animal Collective. It is poppy, and unoriginal, and catchy, and for all of those reasons I loved songs like "Makedamnsure," and because songs like that just made me feel things in song format that I was sure I had felt in my gut long before but had no proper way for expressing.

Because it was uncool, I listened to Taking Back Sunday in secrecy. Well, the new song seems to catch up with me in my current hipster state, drawing on things I love about bands like Tokyo Police Club and joining them back up with the same old familiarity of those TBS songs that got me through lonely and frustrated nights in suburbia. And I guess now I'm in a place where I feel secure enough in my hipsterness to say hey, I know that TBS is mainstream, but I like them, and I'm not mainstream. I just like how it makes me feel, man.

Which is why I've been listening to "Sink Into Me" on repeat for the last three hours straight. The punk guitar riffs blend into some sort of subtle dance beat that is all over the music scene right now, but somehow with TBS this all seems way more genuine than it does with bands like The Killers, Cute is What We Aim For, and all of that other crap. The lyrics are seriously to die for, in a way that is tragic, romantic, violent, sadistic, all at the same time, just like every other TBS song I've loved in the past.
I'd like to be a note
The kind you could sing
But don't because you're shy
That way I'll live inside your throat
And hang from every word you spoke."

I don't care if it's emo, I effing want to listen to it all the time, and I think you should listen to it at least once.

Taking Back Sunday- "Sink Into Me"

The new TBS album, New Again, will be released legally June 2, sooner for leakers, and there should be a music vid for "Sink Into Me" coming out soon. Til then, this is the best I could do to post directly on the site. Check out the TBS MySpace for others.

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